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Zach has opened his own shop!

Zach was our store manager at The Minor Chord, and he's been a trusted guitar guru for more than 20 years.

We're happy to report that he has now opened his own shop. He buys, consigns and sells used and vintage instruments and offers accessories and service.

You can find him at Bridges and Bows in Westford, or by clicking HERE. Check out his new gig and say hi!

Other Local Music Stores

Now that we are permanently closed, we recommend that you visit Zach's shop (above) or one of these other independent family-owned music stores in the area:

University Music in Lowell

UniversityMusicLowell.com or 978-453-6488

City Music in Leominster

CityMusicOnline.com or 978-534-8989

Local Instrument Repair Shops

Guitars, Basses
and other fretted instruments

See above
Steve Morrill Guitar Repair
SteveMorrillGuitarRepair.com or 617-315-5127

Brass Instruments

Osmun Music
Osmun.com or 978-823-0580

Woodwind Instruments

Andrea Strathmeyer
ABStrathmeyer@gmail.com or 978-486-0112

Andrea and Carl

Carl and Andrea
The Minor Chord Owners

Our Retail Store Is
Permanently Closed

After 38 years serving our musical community, The Minor Chord retail store has permanently closed its doors and the building has been sold. We will keep our email and telephone systems operating for a few months in case you need to contact us.

We'd like to thank our customers for their loyal support. We'll miss you. Please keep making music!

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Where Did Our
Music Teachers Go?

Many of our former music teachers are still actively teaching. Here's how to contact them:

Rachel Gentile
Guitar and Ukulele

Rachel is now teaching at Kelly's Music and More in Littleton (978-973-8207) and Music Elements in Chelmsford (978-221-5641).

Jerry Wile
Banjo and Bluegrass Guitar

Jerry is now teaching at Kelly's Music and More in Littleton (978-973-8207)

Tony Sumbury
Acoustic and Electric Bass

Tony continues to teach remote lessons. Contact him by email at TonySumbury@gmail.com.

If you are looking for lessons on other instruments, contact the independent music stores at the left or Groton Hill Music Center (GrotonHill.org or 978-486-9524).