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Spain has a long history of guitar-making, and many players consider Spanish classical guitars to be among the best in the world. Manufacturas Alhambra, established in 1965 by six partners, is one of the most respected manufacturers of these instruments. Today, they make classical guitars under several brand names including Alhambra and Almansa in their workshops in Alicante, Spain.

We carried their Almansa guitars for several years until changing import and distribution policies made those instruments unavailable in the United States. We now carry their Alhambra line, which is almost identical and of the same high quality.

It can be difficult to find quality classical guitars in smaller sizes for the developing younger player. We are pleased to announce that Alhambra produces instruments in a range of sizes for the European market, and we are working with our importer to bring some of them to The Minor Chord. If you have an interest in a specific small-bodied Alhambra model, please contact us.

A craftsman placing an inlay logo on an Almansa headstock
The Alhambra factory floor

The Alhambra workshops use a combination of modern manufacturing technology and traditional craftsmanship, producing instruments of uncompromising quality at very reasonable prices.

For more information about Alhambra guitars and their complete line of instruments please visit the Guitarras Alhambra website.

Current Inventory

As of August 6, 2022 we have the following Alhambra instruments in stock. Click on a model or just scroll down to see descriptions and photos of each instrument.

Custom orders are also possible. Contact us if you are interested.

Alhambra 1 OP CW

Alhambra considers the 1 OP CW a student level instrument by their standards but it is beyond a beginner level guitar. Made in Spain with a solid cedar top, laminate mahogany back and sides, and a natural satin finish. This model is geared more towards the performer in mind with cutaway access all the way up the neck and the Fishman II system with built in volume, E.Q., phase control, and tuner.

If you're in the market for a nice made in Spain classical that you can plug-in at under 1K, give the 1 OP CW some consideration. Offered at $649.00 in a deluxe Alhambra bag.

The specs:

  • Made in Spain
  • Natural satin finish
  • Solid cedar top
  • Mahogany back and sides
  • Top binding
  • Mahogany neck
  • Indian rosewood bridge and fretboard
  • 650 mm scale
  • 50 mm nut width
  • Nickel plated tuning machines
  • Fishman II system with tuner
  • Alhambra deluxe gig bag included

Alhambra 7C in solid cedar and mahogany

The Alhambra 7C is a "conservatory-level" guitar, suitable for the serious classical guitar player. It is entirely hand crafted from solid tonewoods: Cedar for the top and African mahogany for the back and sides. This tonewood combination produces a velvety, intimate sound color but still with good volume and clarity.

The mahogany neck is reinforced with ebony, giving it extra stiffness for both durability and sound transmission.

The Alhambra 7C is offered at $1,299 including a deluxe Alhambra padded nylon gig bag.

The specs:

  • Made in Spain
  • Full gloss finish
  • Solid cedar top
  • Solid African mahogany back and sides
  • Black binding around top and back
  • Mahogany neck with ebony reinforcment
  • Ebony bridge and fingerboard
  • Wood marquetry rosette
  • 650 mm (25.59 inch) scale
  • 52mm (2.05 inch) nut width
  • Gold finish tuning machines
  • Alhambra deluxe gig bag included

Alhambra 4Z Ziricote with solid cedar top

Master luthiers are using a wider range of tonewoods these days - and to reduce the ecological pressure on traditional woods like rosewood and mahogany, but also to give the player a broader choice of sound.

Ziricote is one of those new woods. Native to Mexico and Central America, it falls between mahogany and rosewood in density and tone. Its most striking feature is its grain pattern, with swirling bands of light and dark wood. Every guitar in this line is unique!

Designed for the intermediate classical player, the Alhambra 4Z includes professional guitar features such as a slightly thinner neck while still retaining an easier-playing lower string action.

We offer the Alhambra 4Z Ziricote at $899 including a deluxe Alhambra padded nylon gig bag.

The specs:

  • Made in Spain
  • Full gloss body
  • Solid cedar top
  • Layered ziricote back and sides
  • Wood binding
  • Mahogany neck
  • Marquetry rosette
  • Indian rosewood bridge and fingerboard
  • 650 mm (25.59 inch) scale
  • 52mm (2.05 inch) nut width
  • Gold-finish tuning machines
  • Alhambra deluxe gig bag included

Almansa 401 OP Half-size

As mentioned above, Alhambra and Almansa guitars are built in the same workshops in Alicante, Spain. The construction of both lines is remarkably similar. We formerly carried the Almansa line, but because of importing and distribution changes we are starting to carry the equivalent Alhambra models instead.

The Almansa 401 OP is a half-size guitar similar in construction to full-size Alhambra '1'-level student models: Solid cedar top, layered mahogany back and sides, and a satin ("open pore") finish.

This half-size model is well suited for the young but still serious classical student. It is built to a 544mm scale (just over 21-3/8 inches) with a 48mm nut width (just over 1-7/8 inches). We offer the 401 OP at $499 with an Almansa padded gig bag.

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