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G&L LB-100 Bass

Ready to rock this spring?
You need a US-made G&L!

It has been a while since we've gotten a shipment of US-made G&L guitars and basses, but finally more have arrived! With spring around the corner, this S-500 in a Greenburst finish is very fitting for the occasion. Come try this one out as well as some of our other newly-arrived American-made G&L guitars!

Call or use our Ask Us! page RIGHT AWAY if you want one of them!   More >>>

Larrivee OM-03R guitar

Larrivee OM / Bearclaw Spruce

Have you discovered Larrivée acoustics? Made in Jean Larrivée's California workshops, these guitars have their own style and voice. Jean was trained as a classical luthier, and his steel-string instruments incorporate some of those same design elements.

We just received this OM-03R with a beautiful bearclaw-patterned solid Sitka spruce top and solid rosewood back and sides.   More >>>

Andrea and Carl

Carl and Andrea
The Minor Chord Owners

We Help You Make Music!

Come to us for quality, value and service. Our prices are competitive with chain music stores and internet dealers, but you get so much more!

We have over 100 models of guitars and basses, including instruments you may not find anywhere else in New England - plus ukuleles, mandolins, banjos, digital pianos, band instruments, amps and more.

We specialize in fine instruments and amps from respected makers including

Customers come from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and even Maine to play our extensive collection. And when you need advice or service, we're here for you.

Image of Martin HD-28 top

More Martins on the Way!

Martin guitars never fail to impress and the HD-28 & D-18 are no exception. These iconic guitars have started their journey from PA and will be at The Minor Chord shortly! Call or inquire if you would like to be notified when they arrive.   More >>>

MXR Tremolo Pedal

Is It Time To Try an Effects Pedal?

The sound of an electric guitar or bass is created not just by the instrument itself, but by the entire electronic chain between the instrument and the listener.

The most important electronic component, of course, is the amplifier. But amps can't do everything. If you're looking for that special distinctive sound, you will need to look at standalone effects pedals.

Inserted between your instrument and your amp, these pedals can deliver effects - even during a live performance - that would otherwise require post-production tweaking in a recording studio.

Here are some of the most popular pedal types you might want to add to your rig.   More >>>

Picture of Banjolin

Looking for a Pre-owned or Vintage Instrument?

Now is the time to visit us for used and vintage instruments! We have a great selection of guitars, basses, amps and more. And more on the way! We try to offer a diverse array of instruments and right now there are interesting ones like a Washburn 8-String bass, a Alvarez 9-String guitar, a Fender Standard fretless bass, and even a vintage 1922 'Banjolin'.

Check out what's in Zach's Attic now, and what's on the way!   More >>>

Epiphone Dot Deluxe VS

Have a Guitar You Never Play?

We're always interested in your top-condition used guitars and basses. Consign or sell outright for extra cash, or trade towards the guitar of your dreams. Call to speak with Zach or use our Ask Us! page to find out what that instrument in the closet might be worth.

Find out more here >>>

An online lesson in progress

In-Person Lessons Are Back

We have been offering only online lessons since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. But beginning in September, some of our teachers are offering in-person lessons again. Masks are required, and we ask you to wait in your car instead of our waiting room.

We completely understand if you're not comfortable yet with in-person lessons, so our teachers are still offering online lessons as well.

Either way, give us a call or send us a message via our Ask Us! page. Don't forget, all our teachers offer free no-obligation trial lessons.

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Rusty the dog with daisies

Spring is here! (Maybe...)

That means graduation time. Give the gift of music!

Guitar recording setup

You Can Listen To Our Guitars

The sound character of an acoustic guitar is really impossible to convey with just words. The best way to appreciate a guitar is to hear it in person.

To help you decide whether it's worth the trip to try a guitar in person, we've made short recordings of some of our best instruments. more >>>

Interstate exit sign

We've Been Re-Numbered!

Massachusetts is renumbering all the exits on Interstate 495. We're no longer at Exit 30. We're in the same place, but now our exit is called Exit 79. Watch the signs carefully, don't miss us! (Thankfully, it looks like Google Maps knows about the numbering changes.)

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