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What's In Zach's Attic Today?

As of October 12th, 2019 we have the following used and vintage instruments in Zach's Attic:

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Contributing to Zach's Attic

We're always looking for interesting used and vintage guitars, basses and other fretted instruments that need new homes. (Sorry, we don't accept used band instruments.)

If you have a used or vintage instrument that you think Zach might be interested in, bring it in and show it to him. (Call ahead to make sure he'll be in the store when you come.) If he likes your instrument we can work out a trade or buy it outright.

You can contact Zach by phone at the number above or via our Ask Us! page.

Our Guarantee

Buying a used or vintage instrument can be a scary process. If you don't know what you're looking for, you can easily overpay or end up with an inferior (or even unplayable) instrument.

When you buy a used or vintage instrument from The Minor Chord we guarantee it to be as described. If there are flaws in the instrument that we know about, we'll tell you. If there are significant flaws we didn't notice and disclose, tell us within 30 days and we'll cheerfully give you your money back.

The Minor Chord is a music store you can trust!

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Our Used and Vintage Instruments

Zach is our store manager and head instrument buyer. He hunts down the top quality used and vintage instruments that we feature here in "Zach's Attic".

Vintage Teisco EP-8T

Amazingly another vintage Teisco EP-8T has found it's way into the attic! Super light weight, it's barely noticeable you're holding it. Unplugged it is enjoyable to tinker around on, certainly loud enough to be heard. Plugged in the original pickups have a unique warm character to them. Not quite the output of a humbucker or P-90 but more bite and warmth than a typical single coil.

The Bigsby-style vibrato is nicely worn in and smooth. Amazing original condition with the floral pickguard, tuners, and Teisco headstock logo. These old 60's Japan Teisco's have become more collectable as the years roll on...this one could look great in your collection! Offered at $549.00 with gig bag included.

The specs:

  • Made in Japan in 1960's
  • Full thinline hollowbody
  • Sunburst gloss finish
  • 14 inch wide at lower bout
  • 1-1/2 inch wide body
  • Bigsby-style vibrato tailpiece
  • Roller bridge
  • Floral themed pickguard
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Pearl block inlays
  • 2 original pickups
  • 2 on/off pickup switches
  • 1 volume, 1 tone knob
  • 25-1/2 inch scale
  • 1-5/8 inch nut width
  • Original tuners with white buttons
  • Teisco Del Rey apple crown headstock logo
  • Hardcase included

Fender American Standard Stratocaster

The American Std. Strat is a workhorse guitar. Feels and sounds great, looks nice with the Olympic white finish and the maple neck and fretboard. Brought in with the Rickenbacker 360/12 from the same local customer, it has also been kept in excellent condition.

Compared to new prices nowadays around $1,500, this is a very good deal at $849.00 with the original Fender hardshell case with locking latches. Come check it out, it'll be gone soon!

The specs:

  • Made in U.S.A. in 2009
  • Alder body
  • Olympic white finish
  • Gloss body finish
  • Maple neck and fingerboard
  • Black dot inlays
  • C-neck profile
  • 22 frets
  • 25.5 inch scale
  • 3-ply white pickguard
  • Two-point synchronized tremolo bridge with adjustable saddles and whammy bar
  • Chrome tuners and hardware
  • 3 American single coil pickups
  • One volume, two tone controls
  • 5 way selector switch
  • Excellent condition
  • Original Fender hardshell case included

Rickenbacker 360/12 Fireglo

It's always nice when the classic models find their way into the Attic. Here is perhaps the all-time classic electric 12-string guitar...the Rickenbacker 360/12. Always sharp looking in the Fireglo finish. This particular guitar was sold here used a few years back to a local customer. He played it sparingly and has decided to let it go. Overall in excellent condition, some finish wear around the strap button.

Nice low action, very easy to play. There's a reason these are so popular, they sound fantastic! Plug in and chime away, hook up your favorite chorus and compressor pedal to enhance the sound. A great deal at $1,399.00 in the original Rickenbacker hardcase.

The specs:

  • Made in U.S.A. in 2004
  • Semi-Hollowbody in Fireglo finish
  • Maple body with binding
  • Maple neck with binding
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Triangle inlays
  • 24-3/4 inch scale
  • 24 frets
  • "R" tailpiece
  • 6 saddle bridge
  • Two Hi-gain pickups
  • Schaller tuners
  • Dual tier white pickguard
  • Mono and stereo inputs
  • Two volume, two tone controls
  • One stereo pickup mix knob
  • Rickenbacker hardcase included

Fender 68' Custom Princeton Reverb

One of the all-time classic Fender amps has found it's way into the Attic. A great mid-sized amp with 12 watts of tube power and the single 10 inch Celestion speaker. It can play softly and sweetly and also crank up to get that gritty tone.

We've had a few of these vintage come through over the years, this is the reissue of the popular 1968 Silverface aluminum 'drip edge' model. Nice having the footswitch available to turn on/off the reverb and vibrato. Near mint condition, $699.00.

The specs:

  • Reissue of the 1968 Silverface 'drip edge' model
  • 12 Watts tube
  • 10 inch Celestion G10R-30 speaker
  • 2x 6V6 power tubes
  • 3x 12AX7, 1x 12AT7 preamp tubes
  • Spring reverb
  • Vibrato
  • Footswitch included
  • Volume, treble, bass, reverb, speed, intensity knobs
  • Silverface panel with aluminum 'drip edge'
  • Near mint condition

Gibson ES-137 Custom

This gorgeous Gibson ES-137 was personally built for a great friend of the Minor Chord by the folks in the Gibson Custom Shop in Memphis, TN. Easy to look at for sure in the stunning deeper red finish. But it not only looks good, it feels and sounds great too! Not too far from an ES-335, it handles rock/jazz/blues exceptionally well.

The ebony board is smooth to slide around, nice comfortable 'C' shaped neck. The '57 Classic humbuckers surely fit the guitar well. The varitone knob adds some nice extra tones. A small amount of wear around one f-hole and minimal gold hardware tarnishing. Otherwise in excellent condition. Asking $2,399.00 in original Gibson hardshell case.

The specs:

  • Made in Memphis, TN in 2014
  • Single cutaway semi-hollowbody
  • Mahogany center block
  • Maple body
  • Deep red finish
  • Ebony fretboard with split diamond inlays
  • Two Gibson '57 Classic humbuckers
  • Varitone knob
  • Gold hardware
  • Gold Grover tulip-style tuning machines
  • Two volume, two tone knobs
  • Graphite saddles added
  • Excellent condition
  • Gibson hardshell case included

Eastman Uptown AR805ce

Another quality jazz guitar has found it's way into the Attic. Eastman is known for making good quality instruments at fair price points, this Uptown AR805ce is no exception. Overall in excellent condition with a couple minor marks, it's ready for that next jazz standard.

Acoustically it's got that jazzy tone, the neck feels nice and the ebony fretboard is smooth to play. The single floating pickup relays the acoustic properties nicely when plugged in. The single volume and tone wheels mounted to the pickguard are a nice touch. Excellent condition with a hardshell case included. $1,099.00

The specs:

  • Hand carved spruce top
  • Hand carved maple back and sides
  • Sunburst finish
  • 16 inch lower bout
  • Ebony bridge
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Ebony pickguard
  • Single floating Kent Armstrong pickup
  • Pickguard mounted volume and tone controls
  • Cream binding
  • Gold imperial style tuners
  • Setup for flatwound .011-.049
  • Excellent condition
  • Hardshell case included

Vintage Ibanez FA-100

From a well-regarded era for Ibanez, here is a vintage 1979 FA-100 hollowbody. Basically a copy of a Gibson ES-175D, you can yield the same fat, warm, jazzy tones. We've set it up for D'addario EXL115W, .011-.049 with the wound 'G' string. Adding flatwounds would jazz it up even more.

The classic sunburst finish is attractive and overall the guitar is in very good condition. The strap button was moved from the side to the neck at some point. $899.00 with hardshell case included.

The specs:

  • Made in Japan, 1979
  • Copy of Gibson ES-175D
  • Full maple hollowbody
  • Sunburst finish
  • Mahogany neck with volute
  • Rosewood fretboard with block inlays
  • Fancy chrome tailpiece
  • Rosewood adjustable bridge
  • Cream binding
  • 4-ply black pickguard
  • Two humbucker pickups
  • Two volume, two tone controls with grips
  • Ibanez chrome tuners
  • Strap button moved from side to neck
  • Very good condition
  • Hardshell case included

Martin OMCPA3

Just traded in is another nice solid wood Martin, the OMCPA3. Part of Martin's Performing Artist line, it's a great all-around guitar. The OM body style is more comfortable than larger shapes, and the cutaway allows easy access up the fingerboard. Solid rosewood and spruce yields a full, balanced tone.

Now that this instrument is a few years old and lovingly played, it's starting to season nicely. The Fishman F-1 Aura system has more than meets the eye and can dial in some fantastic plugged in sounds.

The built in chromatic tuner is also a plus. $1,349.00 with the original Martin hardcase included.

The specs:

  • OM body shape with cutaway
  • Solid rosewood back and sides
  • Solid Sitka spruce top with gloss finish
  • Richlite bridge and fingerboard
  • Select hardwood neck
  • Performing Artist neck profile
  • 1-3/4" nut width
  • Mother of pearl dot inlays
  • White body and neck binding
  • Chrome tuning machines
  • Tortoise pickguard
  • Fishman F-1 Aura system
  • Martin hardshell case included
  • Excellent condition

Vintage 1964 Guild Mark II

Here's a wonderful 1964 Guild Mark II classical guitar from the 1960's folk era. Overall in very good to excellent condition, it's seen some playing time but it's structurally sound and nicely worn in. Open tone with a nice low end despite being a solid top instrument.

The 3-piece neck provides added strength so the neck remained true despite all the years, and the medium carve is nice to wrap your hand around. The longer 25.5 inch scale is unique and interesting for a classical-style instrument - it does affect the sound and playability compared to shorter scale instruments. Beautifully figured Brazilian rosewood fretboard.

The 'D'-string tuning machine is slightly bent but it works fine and doesn't need to be replaced. Check out the very cool case as well. This is a very good deal at $599.00

The specs:

  • Made in Hoboken, NJ in 1964
  • Mahogany back and sides
  • Solid spruce top
  • Brazilian rosewood fingerboard and bridge
  • Three-piece mahogany neck
  • 25.5 inch scale
  • 2-inch nut width
  • Tortoise binding front and back
  • Black and red themed rosette
  • Slotted headstock
  • Nickel tuners with white buttons
  • Original deluxe chipboard style case

Vintage Sunn 1X15 Bass Cabinet

Just arrived in the Attic - this early 70's 1X15 inch Sunn bass cabinet. Back in the 60's and 70's, Sunn was one of the top bass amp and cabinet manufacturers. Sturdy pine cabinet, very good condition with minimal wear, and it's not a huge cabinet compared to other 15-inchers. The speaker is located on the left side of the cabinet so when you tilt it onto its side feet, the speaker is right off the floor to dispense the sound. Very nice full and clear tone.

We have our G/K MB200 head set up to power the cab and it sounds great! The speaker only has an 80 watt rating, but it's mounted in an efficient open-vented cabinet so it still makes lots of noise. You won't need (or want) to put tons of power through it. Bassists out there...if you're lacking a 15 inch speaker in your rig and appreciate things vintage, this is a great deal at $349.00.

The specs:

  • Built in early 1970's
  • Pine cabinet
  • Single 15 inch Sunn Transducer 158B speaker
  • 80 Watts
  • Measures 26" height, 24" wide, 15" deep
  • Four wheels
  • Tilt feature with four feet for stability off the wheels

Common problems with used instruments

We see a lot of used instruments at The Minor Chord and a few common issues seem to show up in many of them. If you are thinking of buying an instrument on the private market, make sure you can spot these common flaws.

Lifting bridges

Most bridges on acoustic guitars are simply glued to the guitar top. If the glue joint starts to separate you are looking at a dangerous guitar. Six steel strings exert a huge tension on the bridge, and if it suddenly comes loose it can seriously injure anyone nearby. The staff at The Minor Chord has seen this happen - so we always inspect the bridge of an acoustic guitar before restringing it.

Piece of paper under a lifting bridge

Piece of paper under a lifting bridge

If you can slip a sheet of paper under the bridge of your guitar (see picture) you should relax the string tension immediately and bring the instrument to us for inspection.

An experienced luthier can remove a bridge and reglue it, but the time and labor involved makes the process too expensive for beginner and intermediate guitars.

High action

The distance between the strings and the fingerboard is called the action height. If the action is too high the guitar becomes hard (or even impossible) to play because it takes too much effort to press a string against the fingerboard. In addition, the guitar will probably not play in tune because each string has to be stretched so much (which raises its pitch) as it is pressed down.

Proper action height depends on two factors: The alignment of the neck and the height of the saddle (the point at which the strings rest on the bridge).

Electric and steel-string acoustic guitars usually have a truss rod running down the neck that can be used to adjust neck alignment. Classical-style guitars with nylon strings typically do not have a truss rod, and the only way to realign the neck is for a luthier to remove, shim and reinstall the neck - a major operation. The same operation is required on electrics or steel-string acoustics if the truss rod doesn't have enough available play to achieve the needed adjustment.

Saddle height is easily adjusted on electric guitars using a very small allen-head wrench. The saddles on acoustics and classical nylon strings may simply lift out of the bridge and can be shaved or shimmed to achieve the correct height. If these adjustments cannot bring the action height to a playable level, an expensive neck reset is required.

A low action height is desirable for easy playing but the action cannot be lowered so much that the strings start buzzing against the frets. Inexpensive guitars tend to have uneven frets, which means that the action height cannot be brought very low at all. Resetting or dressing the frets can even them up but it is a time consuming and expensive process, worthwhile only for valuable guitars.

All of these adjustments related to action height are fussy and interrelated. It's best to leave them to an experienced luthier, which means it is usually not economical to rescue an inexpensive guitar having these problems.