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To give you an idea of the range of cool and interesting instruments you might find in Zach's Attic, here are some used and vintage instruments that have found new homes:

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Archives From the Attic

1972 Rickenbacker
'4001' Bass

If you're a fan of vintage Rickenbacker basses, this one deserves a look. It's a beauty, with its JetGlo gloss black finish, checkerboard binding (in great condition), and crushed pearl fret markers.

Toaster-style neck pickup, massive bridge pickup, and full Ricky-style dual output wiring.

This guitar is in excellent condition for its age. We include the original Rickenbacker hardshell case.


1974 Gibson ES-335

The Gibson ES-335 is the classic Gibson hollowbody.

Ours is a vintage 1974 model in better-than-excellent condition. By its appearance, it has been played very little. It must have spent most of its 40+ years in its hardshell case under someone's bed!

Everything appears to be original, including the fluted "amp-style" control knobs.

We include the genuine Gibson hardshell case.

50th Anniversary
Custom Shop
Masterbuilt Strat

This is a very special Fender Reiussue guitar - a limited-run model that was available only in 2004 to commemorate the 50th year of Stratocaster production.

The 2004 Masterbuilt reissue series is the most accurate copy ever produced of the 1954 original. Each Custom Shop master builder was asked to study an early original Strat and to personally build a reproduction. Each of the Masterbuilt Strats is subtly different depending on the builder, just like the originals.

Our Masterbuilt Strat was made by Greg Fessler in the Fender Custom Shop. It features a two-piece ash body with an original-style two-tone sunburst finish in checkered nitrocellulose lacquer and a one-piece U-shaped maple neck with a 7.25 inch radius. The plastic parts are made of period-correct high-styrene ABS and the pickguard is .070 inch PVC.

The 50th Anniversary Custom Shop Masterbuilts are truly special guitars and are highly sought after! Our example is a player's guitar, not a collector's guitar - the original owner clearly loved this instrument and played it often, resulting in the expected dings and scrapes. But it has been cared for properly, is clean, and plays superbly.

We include the original black hardshell case, the official paperwork signed by Greg Fessler, the whammy bar, and bridge cover. (Unfortunately, we do not have the "poodle" show case that probably also came with the instrument.)

This is your chance to own a truly exceptional Strat at an affordable price!

1973 Martin D-35

If you've been looking for a vintage Martin at a great price, this one deserves a look.

It has a beautiful three-piece solid rosewood back, solid rosewood sides, and a solid Sitka spruce top. The 1-11/16 inch nut and chunky V-profile neck give this instrument a beefy feel.

This D-35 is in excellent condition and has had only one local owner. We include the Martin "Blue" hardshell case.

Blues Jr III 'FSR'

The Fender Blues Jr has always been a winner: True all-tube tone, a genuine spring reverb, a sensible 15 watt power rating, manageable weight, and an affordable price.

This 'FSR' model was a limited edition with a unique tweed case covering and wheat grille cloth. The speaker is a Special Design Italian Jensen.

As you can see in the photo, it's in great condition.

1995 Gibson
Les Paul Standard

Guitars with gloss black finishes look sharp - but they tend to get scratched up pretty easily, killing the effect.

This Les Paul Standard, however, has been treated well and still looks sharp. In fact, it's so shiny we had trouble taking pictures of it!

The guitar is equipped with nice 490R and 498T humbucker pickups. The tuning machines and output jack have been replaced, but otherwise it looks original.

With only one local owner, this Les Paul is in excellent condition - a great way to own a genuine Les Paul electric.

We include the hardshell case.

Ibanez AS-83L 'VLS'

Here's a hard-to-find lefty semi-hollowbody.

Nice flamed maple and durable laminated-wood construction. Two ACH humbucker pickups and an ART-1 bridge. Short-scale neck.

This guitar is in excellent condition. We include the nice Ibanez hardshell case.

American Standard
Precision Bass

The Fender Precision Bass is an icon and a must-have instrument in any bass player's arsenal with its legendary and unmistakeable tone.

This is your chance to own an American Standard P-Bass at a great price. Alder body with a traditional sunburst finish, maple neck with a rosewood fretboard, and a high-mass vintage style bridge for lots of sustain.

It's in excellent almost-new condition. We include a padded gig bag.

Hofner H1 Series
'Beatle' Bass

The Hofner hollow-body bass, of course, was made famous by Paul McCartney during his time with the Beatles.

Our H1-Series instrument has a 30-inch scale, two pickups, and the characteristic Hofner-style controls. We have strung it with flatwound strings for a vintage tone.

Besides the vintage tone and distinctive appearance, we find that some customers appreciate the Hofner basses simply for their lighter weight. These true hollow-bodies are noticeably lighter than their solid-body counterparts!

We include the Hofner hard case.

1965 Framus
5/150 Star Bass

Here's a vintage 60's-era bass similar to the model famously played by Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones.

The Framus Star Bass, with its thinline hollow body, was originally developed in the late 1950's to deliver an acoustic-like tone in a more portable instrument. Strung with flatwound strings, it succeeds nicely, delivering a distinctly 'thumpy' bass sound.

Our instrument has a 'Black Rose' sunburst finish, two oval-style pickups with individual switches, and the 'Star Bass' signature tailpiece. It is in very good condition given its age and everything on the instrument looks to be original.

The cracks you see on the headstock are only in the faceplate, not in the structure of the headstock. The ultra-thin and very playable neck is still stable and straight, probably thanks to its multi-laminated construction.

Unfortunately, we do not have a case for this instrument.

Vintage DeArmand
'Guitar Mike'
Archtop Pickup

We think this pickup dates from around 1948 - a perfect match for the archtop guitars of the Big Band era.

This one is very clean, has all its components, and is in good working condition.

Pair this pickup with the 1949 Kay archtop below and you're ready to join a big band rhythm section!

Washburn XB-500
5-String Bass with
'Coffin' Case

Want to make a statement? Pick up this nice Washburn 5-string bass with the included 'coffin' case!

The gloss black finish is in great shape. Two Washburn humbucker pickups, active preamp electronics, master volume, pickup-fader, and two tone controls.

This bass is priced to sell... an easy way to get into a 5-string.

1971 Guild
D-25 'BR'

We're happy to have found this excellent condition 1971 vintage Guild D-25.

Some D-25 models have an arched, laminated back. This one has a flat back and is made from solid mahogany all around - top, sides and back. The finish on the top is a rich brown, which seems to have been a little less common than other finishes on this model. Our D-25 appears to be all original with the exception of a new bone nut and saddle.

The 1-11/16 inch nut width makes for easy chord playing. Sound-wise, the guitar has a very nicely broken-in, clear sound. The bass is not overwhelming - which is surprising for an all-mahogany instrument - but it is certainly present. On the other hand, the mids and trebles are stronger than you would expect for a mahogany guitar. Overall, this D-25 has a nice tone after more than 40 years.

We envision this guitar in the hands of a singer/guitarist or in the recording studio.

1972 Yamaha
GC-3D Classical

In 1972, Yamaha was on its way to becoming a major force in the global guitar business.

This GC-3D nylon-string classical is from that period, hand-built by the luthier who signed the instrument.

It has a solid Eko (Japanese) spruce top, solid Indian rosewood back and sides, rosewood bridge and fingerboard, and a hand-rubbed French polish finish. The marquetry in the rosette and bridge inlay has to be seen to be appreciated. This builder clearly took pride in his work!

Now, over 40 years later, the wood has aged nicely and the guitar has a rich, warm classical sound.

This instrument is in excellent condition and more affordable than you might think. We include the very nice original Yamaha hard case.

Custom Shop
'63 Relic Strat

The Fender Custom Shop is known for its very special instruments.

This Strat is a modern Custom Shop guitar built to 1963 Strat specs.

The neck profile and body shape are copied from the 1960's model, so it has a different feel from modern Strats.

The look is pure 1960's too, with a genuine nitrocellulose finish in a very '60s Shell Pink. The pick guard has that mint-green cast typical of vintage Strats, the tuners are the correct style for the period, and there are many other cool vintage appointments.

The folks in the Custom Shop even wore down the finish on the neck at the first position, added belt rash on the back, and created a few dings around the edge of the body. This guitar looks genuinely road-worn (but not overly so) and except for the Custom Shop logo on the headstock could probably pass for a genuine vintage 60's piece.

We include the Fender brown hard case and all the 'case candy' that originally came with the instrument.

1948 Kay K-42 Archtop

Here's a great old Kay classic from the heart of the big-band jazz era - back before pickups and amps, when guitars had to be BIG to be heard over the rest of the band. Amazingly, this archtop has been in the same owner's hands since 1950! And we've seen the photo to prove it.

The K-42 features a solid spruce top with a 17 inch lower bout and maple back and sides. The bridge and fretboard are rosewood, and it has a trapeze tailpiece. The neck has a hefty baseball-bat profile that sits nicely in the hand.

The pick guard is old but apparently not original. Some of the tuning machine knobs have been replaced due ot breakage (not uncommon with material this old) but the machines themselves are still original.

If you're a rhythm player, this guitar really nails the bright, choppy, comping sound that was so essential to the big-band rhythm section. Single-note melodic lines are not the fullest sounding, but they cut through nicely. Overall, for short money, this is a very nice old piece.

We include the vintage hard case.

Ovation MCS148 Mandolin

Ovation is known for their durable instruments made from high-tech materials - perfect for the performer who doesn't want to have to worry about damage or loss.

The Ovation MCS148 mandolin is a nice-looking stage-ready electric mandolin. The active electronics provide 3-band EQ with a movable midrange and a switchable "smile"-shaped response curve.

We include the Ovation custom case.

Fender Standard Jazz Bass

What more can we say - the Fender Jazz Bass is one of the go-to instruments for any bassist. This one is a very clean Fender Standard model in a classy gloss black finish.

ES-339 Studio

The Gibson ES-335 is the 'standard' in semi- hollowbody guitars. But try to play one, and you may wish for something a little more compact. Those ES-335's are BIG!

Enter the ES-339 - similar to the ES-335 in design and tone, but the body is more the size of a Les Paul. And like the ES-335, the ES-339 has a short-scale neck.

Ours is a nice one, built in 2014, with a Ginger Burst finish, two humbucker pickups, and simplified Studio-style controls: a pickup selector switch, master volume, and master tone.

We include the Gibson hardshell case.

Martin OOO-18

If you're looking for a smaller-bodied all-solid Martin at an affordable price, you have to play this OOO-18.

The OOO-18 is a comfortable instrument with a scale length of 24.9 inches and a 1-11/16 inch nut. Solid Sitka spruce top, solid mahogany back and sides. The fretboard and bridge are rosewood.

This guitar was originally sold at The Minor Chord and is in excellent condition.

We include the original Martin hard case.

PRS SE Santana
First Edition

The Paul Reed Smith SE line is manufactured in Korea under strict PRS design and quality controls. They are fine instruments and an excellent value.

This one is from the first generation of SE Santana guitars and a little different than the current Santana models. The 25 inch scale length of this instrument, for example, is similar to the rest of the PRS line. (Current SE Santana models are built to a slightly shorter scale.) The fretboard markers are abalone in a striking diagonal design. Both pickups are covered humbuckers.

Not many SE Santanas were made with this deep, rich teal green finish.

We include a new padded gig bag.

Baritone Ukulele

If you have been looking for a baritone ukulele, look no further.

This Kala bari is all solid mahogany - which means a nice, deep tone. That's what you want from a bari. This one was purchased here at The Minor Chord and then hardly played. It's in mint condition but priced as a used instrument.

We include a nice Kala featherlight case.

'72 Thinline Tele

The '72 Thinline has always been one of our best-selling Tele's. This one was originally sold right here at The Minor Chord to one of our regular customers. It's been well taken care of and is in great shape.

Made in Mexico, this Tele has a semi-hollow ash body with a maple neck and fretboard. Two Fender Wide-Range humbuckers deliver a warm, fat tone - a very different sound than your typical Tele! This guitar will definitely add some tonal variety to your playing.

The original owner upgraded to a nice Fender hardshell case, which is included.

Vintage 510

Here is a fantastic example of an early Taylor. This all solid mahogany and spruce dreadnaught dates back to 1986, just 12 years into Taylor's existence as a company. These guitars were built a little differently back then with a one-piece mahogany neck and a rosewood fingerboard.

The guitar is in excellent condition with no cracks and hardly any play wear. It has a lovely,clear sound after all these years. This nice dreadnaught won't last long!

We include the original Taylor hardshell case.

Paul Reed Smith
SE Angelus Custom

Here's a good solid acoustic with legendary PRS quality.

Solid spruce top, rosewood back and sides. Ebony fretboard with PRS 'bird' inlays. PRS electronics with built-in tuner.

We include the PRS hardshell case.

National Style '0' Squareneck

This squareneck is a single-cone resonator with a biscuit bridge, slotted headstock, and rolled f-holes. It is set up for open-'G' tuning.

The body is in excellent condition with an elegant palm tree design engraved on the front and back and very little pitting of the metal.

We include the hardshell case.

Casino NA

A recent addition to Zach's Attic, here's a full hollowbody based on the Gibson ES-330 design. This one is in maple with a natural finish and parallellogram inlays on the rosewood fingerboard. The pickups are "dog ear" style P90's.

Jazz, blues or rock - this guitar does them all surprisingly well. And with it's hollow body, it's light enough to enjoy playing standing up - a real advantage when you're playing a long gig. And it even sounds decent unplugged!

The guitar is in excellent condition and includes the Epiphone hardshell case.

1996 Martin D-28

Here's a nice example of Martin's classic rosewood dreadnaught. It features a Sitka spruce top, solid Indian rosewood back and sides, ebony bridge and fingerboard, and a 1-11/16 inch nut width.

Traded recently by a local customer, this instrument is almost 20 years old. It has been well played and has broken in nicely - but was well cared for. It has no major damage, cracks, or other structural issues - just minimal honest wear from being played.

We include the original Martin hard case.

Gibson ES-165
'Herb Ellis'

Looking for a nice hollowbody? This ES-165 guitar is modeled after Herb Ellis' single-pickup ES-175. It has a maple body with a vintage sunburst finish and gold-finish hardware.

The guitar was purchased from Gruhn Guitars in Nashville in 1998 and is in excellent condition. We include the Gibson hard case.

Paul Reed Smith
SE Custom Semi-hollowbody

This hollowbody has a nice lightweight feel and features a mahogany body and maple top with flame maple veneer. The neck has a wide, flat profile with 22 frets and PRS 'bird' inlays. The heavy stoptail bridge and PRS SE humbucker pickups deliver excellent tone and sustain.

The sunburst finish looks great on the flame maple top.

Play a couple of sets standing up with this guitar and you will really dig it! We include the PRS gig bag.

Ovation CC24
Celebrity Koa

This Made-in-USA Ovation guitar is well suited for the stage. Its mid-depth molded composition body is very durable and the pickup with 3-band EQ is great for plugged-in performances. The bridge and fingerboard are rosewood.

This one is more attractive than your usual Ovation, with its highly figured koa top.

We include the Ovation case.

1966 Gibson J200

What a great find for The Minor Chord! Here's a vintage one-owner Gibson J-200 from 1966. That was a great period for the music scene, and the J-200 was the acoustic of choice for many high-profile artists of that era.

This J-200 has a big maple body, maple sides, a 3-piece maple neck, a spruce top, and a rosewood fretboard with gorgeous mother-of-pearl crown inlays. The moustache-style bridge has pearl block inlays and a gold plated Tune-o-matic intonation adjustment mechanism with bone saddle blocks.

More specs: Gold-finish art deco tuners with a tulip cover design. Red pickguard with an engraved floral pattern. Sunburst finish. 1-11/16 inch nut width. Ebony veneer on both front and back of the headstock.

This is the kind of instrument we love to find for our customers: A well-loved and often-played guitar in what appears to be absolutely original condition. The nitrocellulose finish looks great after all these years. There are, of course, some playing and wear marks but the guitar is structurally sound - no cracks, no warping, no bellying. Even the pickguard is still firmly attached to the spruce top.

And oh yes - this guitar has that huge Gibson sound one would expect: A crazy-strong low end but with a crisp clarity. This guitar is an absolute beauty, and one of our customers will be very privileged to be its next owner.

We include the original Gibson hard case in excellent condition with a nearly unworn plush orange interior.

Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe II

This nice Les Paul is only a year old. It has a mahogany back, a carved flame maple top, and an elegant deep tobacco-brown burst finish.

Its 50's-style neck has that chunky vintage profile preferred by many players.

There's a 490R humbucker at the neck position and a Burstbucker Pro at the bridge. These humbuckers can also operate in straight split-coil mode, controlled via a push-push switch under the volume knob. The active electronics provide up to a 10db boost or can be disengaged if you prefer a passive configuration.

The original strap buttons have been updated with gold-finish strap-lock buttons but the originals are included if you care to replace them.

This Les Paul is in excellent condition and has had only one owner. We include the original Gibson hardshell case.

Tony Franklin Fretless P-Bass

If you are looking for a fretless electric, give this one a close look. Fender built it to the specifications of Tony Franklin, one of the truly great session bassists.

With a C-profile maple neck and an unfinished ebony fretboard, the Tony Franklin siganture P-Bass plays like a dream. And it sounds great, too, with more tone versatility than a standard P-Bass. This flexibility comes from a combination of the traditional P-Bass split pickup at the neck position and a custom Tony Franklin signature pickup at the bridge with adjustable poles and ceramic magnets.

And if the session folks suddenly throw a chart at you in Eb or D, you're covered. This bass has a special Hipshot Bass Xtender tuner on the E-string that can instantly drop your bottom string to an accurate D tuning!

We include the hard case.

Vintage ca. 1929 National Tricone Style 4

Here is a truly remarkable early example of National's resonator product line. The serial number, engraved on hte back of the neck below the headstock, dates this instrument circa 1929.

With a German silver body and neck wrap, the Style 4 was the top of the line in its era with an engraved chrysanthemum design on top, back and sides - and even on the back of the neck nearly to the headstock. It has a T-bar bridge and diamond inlays on the fretboard.

And yes... it has the beautiful warm broken-in sound one would expect. Just awesome!

The tricones on this instrument have been replaced and are not original.

We include a hardshell case.

National RM1 Resonator Mandolin

This is the loudest mandolin we've ever heard - but still a really nice balanced-sounding instrument with a strong voice from low to high.

This mando has a single cone and biscuit-style bridge, a nice 3-piece walnut back, walnut sides, a flame maple top, an ebony fingerboard, a solid peghead and a unique bridge design that is easy to restring. This will be a unique addition to some lucky mandolin player's collection.

We include the hard case.

Williams 600-Series Pedal Steel

Williams is a respected maker of pedal steel guitars based in Minnesota.

This instrument is from their Widebody Single 600 Series. It has a flame maple body, 10 strings, 3 pedals, 4 knee levers, and one riser (Bb). Triple-raise, triple-lower changer mechanism. It is set up in E9 tuning with Emmons-style lever assignments: LKL raises the E strings to F natural and RKL lowers the E strings to D#. Extra tuner nuts are provided.

The pickup has a three-position selector switch for coil taps.

There are a few nicks in the finish but overall this pedal steel is in excellent condition. We include the original extra-sturdy road case.

Carter Starter Pedal Steel

The Carter Starter, as its name suggests, is a very affordable way to get into pedal steel playing. Made in Texas, this model is considered a beginner's pedal steel but is good enough to gig with.

Ten strings, 3 pedals, 4 knee levers (the fourth lever is Bb). Lightweight chamber with double-raise, single-lower mechanism.

This is the complete kit with nylon gig bag and even the original cardboard shipping box!

Gold Tone Beard Dobro

This is a great-sounding yet affordable Gold Tone model 'PBS' dobro. The mahogany body is imported, but the instrument features a US-made Beard single cone and spider. It has a rosewood fretboard and Paul Beard's signature on the peghead.

This instrument is an excellent starting point for someone who wants to explore the world of dobros.

We include a chipboard case.

Sierra 8-String Lap Steel

This is one pretty lap steel. Heavy and solid, with an aluminum backbone layer running through the center of the body and neck for exceptional stiffness. The single-neck 8-string configuration, a less common but versatile arrangement, can be strung with the full 8 strings or cut back to 6 strings as shown in the photos.

The electronics include a George L pickup with an aftermarket protective bar added. The controls include volume, tone, and a 6-position selector switch.

We include a nice molded-fit hard case.

National Style 0 12-String

It's hard to find National resonators in a 12-string model. This round-neck 12-string has a single cone with a biscuit bridge, palm tree Hawaiian etched design on front and back, and ebony fretboard. The 2-inch nut works well for fingerstyle playing. The setup is at a compromise action height for either regular or slide playing.

We love this guitar - it looks stunning and it really nails that old-time 12-string sound!

We include a hardshell case.

2007 Fender Standard Strat

Standard Strats are good solid workhorse electrics at a price that won't break the bank. This one looks great with its gloss black finish and a tortoise-shell pickguard. The neck has a nice satin finish for a comfortable and playable feel.

Save $150 off a comparable new instrument! A great way to step up to a Standard-level Strat.

We include a gig bag.

Music Man 'Big Al' 5-String Bass

This bass is ready for anything! Five strings. Attractive mahogany body. Massive bridge for great sustain. Three single-coil pickups, switchable to passive or active mode. Passive mode has a traditional tone control; active mode has an unbelievable 4-band EQ.

Combine active and passive modes, three pickups, and 4-band EQ and you have tons of different tonal possibilities!

We include a hardshell case.

Fender American
Deluxe Strat

If you play lefty, you know how hard it is to find decent left-handed guitars. Here's a real beauty - an American Deluxe Strat with all the extras.

Noiseless N3 pickups. S1 switching to give you extra options with pickup selection and phasing. Rounded heel for comfortable playing in high positions. Locking tuners. Beautiful 3-color burst finish.

This one is going to go quickly!

We include the Fender hardshell case.

Martin HD-28

What can we say? The HD-28 is pure Martin dreadnaught.

The HD-28 specs: Rosewood back and sides, spruce top, ebony fingerboard and bridge, scalloped bracing and herringbone trim. This one has had only one local owner and is in great shape - and a great value too.

We include the Martin hardshell case.

Martin D-35

If you've been looking for an affordable C. F. Martin dreadnaught, you have to check out this very nice one-owner D-35.

It has a beautiful three-piece back of solid rosewood, solid rosewood sides, and a Sitka spruce top. The bridge and fingerboard are ebony.

This D-35 was originally sold at here at The Minor Chord and has had only one owner. It has been played but is in excellent shape. We include the original Martin hardshell case.

1994 Martin
OM-40 LE

This guitar was a Martin Guitar of the Month in 1994. Only 20 of these were made with the sunburst finish. We got this one from the estate of an astute collector in New Hampshire.

It has a beautifully bookmatched rosewood back, rosewood sides, and a spruce top. The appointments are worthy of a Guitar of the Month: Double pearl inlays on the front binding and rosette, finely detailed snowflake inlay on the ebony tuners, and a multi-color herringbone center stripe on the back.

And if you like a thicker neck, this Martin is for you with its meaty V-shape profile.

We include the Martin hardshell case.

1988 Martin
HOM-35 Brazilian

This Herringbone OM-35 is labelled "0 of 0" inside the sound hole. We believe it was a prototype for the similar (but not identical)1989 Guitar of the Month model. Only 60 of that 1989 model were eventually made to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the OM body style (1929-1989).

The sides and three-piece back are beautiful even-colored Brazilian rosewood - practically impossible to find today. The rosewood is set off nicely by the fine herringbone trim.

The headstock is a bit more rounded than recent Martin OM's, more true to the orginal OM design. The tuners are a small gold button design.

This guitar has a beautiful clear, balanced sound. It is in excellent condition, with the protective plastic film still on the pick guard. There is some minor finish checking as might be expected in a 25-year-old instrument.

We include the Martin hard case.

Hot Rod Deluxe III

This classic gigging amp was originally sold here at The Minor Chord and has had only one local owner. It is in excellent condition. We offer it at hundreds less than an equivalent new amp.

The original two-switch foot pedal is included.

Carvin D400 Custom

In our view, Made-in-USA Carvin guitars don't get the respect they deserve. This instrument is a good example.

It's a top-of-the-line Carvin, and the quality shows. The book matched master grade quilted maple top is even more impressive in person than in the photo. The body is solid koa, and the koa neck has a hand-rubbed oil finish that feels as smooth as a vintage instrument. Combine that with the ebony fingerboard and you have unbelievable playabliity, and the abalone block inlays add a touch of elegance.

On the hardware side, you have three genuine EMG pickups and Sperzel locking tuners.

This guitar is in like-new condition. We include the original Carvin tweed case.