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We are proud to be one of the few authorized dealers for Webber Guitars and David's only dealer in the United States. Hand-crafted in Canada, from the choicest tone woods, David's instruments are a very special addition to our selection of fine acoustics.

David Webber's guitars represent exceptional value. You might expect to pay thousands more for instruments built to his exacting standards.

David builds eight body styles with a wide choice of woods and options. There is a Webber guitar for every player's needs including small-bodied instruments and 12-strings. You can learn more about David Webber and his guitars at the Webber Guitars web site.

David builds only a few guitars each month, so we generally have only a few in stock.

Of course, we would also be pleased to have David build an instrument to your specifications.

Current Inventory

As of March 2, 2019 we have two Webber instruments in stock:

To give you a glimpse of the range and quality of his work, here are some of the David Webber guitars that we have had in the past and are now are in the hands of happy customers.

Webber Jumbo Cutaway in Engelmann and Walnut

It's been a little while since we've had a Webber Jumbo in stock. The latest edition is a figured walnut and Engelmann spruce model. The walnut David selected is really pretty with plenty of color and movement. Although it's called a Jumbo, the guitar plays more comfortably than most other Jumbos due to the 11-1/2 inch wide upper bout and 16 inch lower bout, paired with an upper bout depth of 3-1/2 inches and lower bout depth of 4 inches.

Certainly a good choice for a strummer/rhythm player. Plenty of depth in the bass and mid responses. Compared to Sitka, we find the Engelmann spruce top gives a bit more clarity to the sound. Because of the body dimensions, one could also choose this instrument as a fingerstyle guitar that would yield more low end than most smaller bodies. Another unique offering from our friend up north!

The specs:

  • Figured walnut back and sides
  • Engelmann spruce top
  • Mahogany neck
  • Ebony bridge and fingerboard
  • 25-1/2 inch scale
  • 1-3/4 inch nut width
  • Bone nut and saddle
  • Ebony headstock veneer with walnut 'W'
  • Back of headstock walnut veneer
  • Gotoh 510 series black tuning machines
  • Standard trim
  • Clear pickguard
  • Hiscox case included

Webber 'Washburn Style' Parlour in Cedar and Figured Maple

We finally have some new Webber guitars arriving here at the store and this little Parlour is a head-turner. This instrument really represents the elegance and beauty that David gets out of his instruments. The woods he chooses are just striking. The quilted maple 'pops', the cedar grain is sweet, and the brownburst finish and koa trim throughout the guitar make it very unique.

David modeled this particular one after a 'Washburn' style turn-of-the-century guitar. Nice chunky ebony pyramid bridge with bone saddle. The short scale neck and 12-fret body lends itself to play on either leg comfortably. The neck profile is middle of the road, not too slim or chunky. Plenty of room to maneuver with the 1-3/4 inch nut width.

The rich sound of this guitar is surprising for its small parlour shape. Usually maple is bright-sounding, especially when a guitar is new, but paired with the warmer-sounding cedar top it's a winning combination. Subtleties in playing are brought to life easily.

Another great offering from David Webber!

The specs:

  • Quilted maple back and sides
  • Cedar top
  • Brownburst finish
  • Koa binding and rosette
  • Mahogany neck
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Slotted headstock
  • Ebony headstock veneer with koa 'W' logo
  • Gold-finish tuners with orange swirl buttons
  • Ebony pyramid bridge
  • Bone nut and saddle
  • 12-fret to body
  • 24.9 inch scale

Roundbody in Sitka
and Mahogany


Along with the Parlour, this Webber Roundbody is the other guitar that arrived recently. David's Roundbody shape, as we always say, is known for its clarity and projection. Nice crisp sound on every string, all the way up the neck.

The Roundbody is a nice shape to either strum or play fingerstyle. We've had previous Roundbody owners who play in bluegrass circles, others have been advanced classical players.

The last Roundbody we received was gone in a day. Come check this one out while it's still around!

The specs:

  • Mahogany back and sides
  • Sitka spruce top
  • Ebony bridge and fingerboard
  • Mahogany neck
  • Bone nut and saddle
  • 25-1/2 inch scale
  • 1-3/4 inch nut width
  • Ebony headstock veneer with koa 'W' logo
  • Koa veneer on back of headstock
  • Standard trim

OM in Macassar Ebony and Engelmann

We are pleased to introduce the newest member of our Webber family: This fantastic OM featuring Macassar ebony back and sides. As you can see, it has a striking appearance... and it has a sound to match! The Macassar ebony body is paired with an Engelmann spruce top. With this exceptional combination of tonewoods, the guitar is already coming alive after only a couple days.

David chose to match the distinctive look of the guitar body with similarly-figured Macassar ebony fretboard and headplate. Then he added cocobolo purfling and rosette, ebony binding, and black Gotoh 510 tuners.

This guitar has a truly awesome clear sound: Warm in the lows, punchy mids, bright highs with a piano-like balance across the board. Strum it, fingerpick it, it doesn't matter... It just sounds great! Priced thousands below what a competitor might charge, David Webber's work is top-notch.

Hardshell case included.

OOO 12-fret-to-body

It has been a while since we've had one of David's 12-fret-to-body instruments. Here's the latest arrival.

All solid Indian rosewood back and sides, solid Engelmann spruce top. Short-scale mahogany neck with gloss finish, a 1-3/4 inch nut, and a slotted headstock. Ebony fretboard and bridge. Maple binding and rosette, elegant understated open-circle copper fretboard markers, Gotoh tuning machines.

This instrument is a little unusual because we ordered it to be set up with lower-tension Martin Silk 'n' Steel strings. These easier-playing strings sometimes produce a bit less volume and tone, but on David's guitar the sound is already opening up in the short time since we received it.

This OOO is super-comfortable to play with its short-scale neck, but with the 1-3/4 inch nut you still have enough space for the left hand to maneuver. Subtle playing will bring out more of this guitar's warm tones, but plucked hard it can produce a nice snap as well.

We had the fingerstyle player in mind when we ordered this instrument, and David Webber delivered. If you lean towards a more intimate fingerstyle technique, you should come try it out.

Custom OO in Figured Blackwood and Cedar

Another exciting addition to our line of David Webber guitars, this Custom OO is a real pleasure to play.

The back and sides are beautifully figured solid Tasmanian blackwood. The top is solid cedar with elegant cocobolo binding and rosette. The neck has a slotted headstock with nickel Waverly tuners.

David's OO instruments never stay long at The Minor Chord, and with good reason. With its short-scale neck but generous 1-3/4 inch nut width, his OO design is remarkably comfortable to play. On this instrument, the blackwood body combined with the cedar top delivers a nice mellow sound but with a definite punch when you dig into the strings.

This lovely OO will make an excellent guitar for a singer-songwriter or a studio musician.

Soft Cutaway Roundbody in Rosewood and Sitka

We're pleased to have another of David's signature Roundbody guitars in stock. Soft cutaway body with Indian rosewood back and sides and Sitka spruce top. Ebony bridge and fingerboard, bone nut and saddle. 1-3/4 inch nut width. Chrome-finished tuners.

We have had quite a few of David's Roundbodies come through our shop over the years and they always have beautiful projection and clarity.

The Roundbody is the most popular of David's models, and for good reason... David's prices for these amazing guitars simply can't be beat!

Soft Cutaway OM in Quilted Maple and Cedar

Wow, what a beauty! Gorgeous quilted maple back and sides, a chocolate-hued cedar top, maple binding, ebony bridge and fingerboard, bone nut and saddle, Gotoh black tuners.

And what tone! Some guitars you just play a simple 'G' chord and say, "Yes!" Well, this is one of those. The unconventional combination of tone woods yields a rich, clear, warm but somehow also bright tonal palette with tons of sustain.

Come play this one. You won't be disappointed!

Roundbody Cutaway in Rosewood and Engelmann

David's signature Roundbody style has a distinctive voice unmatched by any other guitar. The clarity and projection of these instruments has to be heard to be appreciated.

This guitar, with its combination of an Engelmann spruce top and Indian rosewood back and sides, is an excellent example. And the cutaway is a nice feature if you play in higher positions on the neck.

Roundbody in Rosewood and Cedar

What more can we say - here is another of David's signature Roundbody guitars with the usual clarity and projection. In this instrument, the focused rosewood sound is mellowed a bit by the cedar top, producing a warmer tone than the Engelmann instrument above but without losing any of the Roundbody's distinctive voice.

Custom Dreadnaught in Fiddleback Mahogany

We asked David to build a herringbone-inspired mahogany dreadnaught. In typical Webber style, he has outdone himself. Beautiful fiddleback mahogany back and sides, adirondack spruce top, ebony bridge and fingerboard with David's signature small copper circle markers. The herringbone trim and rosette are striking on the beautiful wide-grain adirondack top. The Waverly tuners are fitted with ebony buttons.

David's dreadnaughts are a bit narrower than most, so they are more comfortable than the usual dread for the fingerstyle player.

And yes, it sounds awesome: plenty of bottom end but with very nice clarity in the mids and trebles.

Custom OO in Tasmanian Blackwood

Here's another killer custom guitar from David Webber. Our recent Webber OO's have all sold very quickly, and for good reason. They are unique instruments, super comfortable to play.

This guitar features sides and back of highly figured AAA-grade Tasmanian blackwod. Similar to koa, it has a striking flame figure, golden hues, with a unique swirl pattern in the grain that has to be seen to be appreciated. The top is nicely bookmatched bearclaw Engelmann spruce.

The ebony bridge and fingerboard and the reddish cocobolo rosette and binding elegantly complement the lighter blackwood and spruce body. Short scale with 1-3/4 inch nut width. The Gotoh tuners are extra-smooth.

This exceptional instrument has a surprisingly warm sound for a OO - much more than one would expect for that body size, especially for a new guitar. This is an awesome little guitar!

Custom Jumbo in Quilted Maple

A few months ago one of our long-time customers decided to place an order with David for the exact guitar he's always wanted - and wow, did it come out nice!

David's mini-jumbo body style has a bit more in the lower bout but it is still a very playable size. The back and sides are stunning highly-figured quilted maple that has to be seen to be fully appreciated. The rest of the appointments are icing on the cake: Adirondack spruce top with a beautiful sunburst finish. Ebony fingerboard and bridge. Cocobolo binding and elegantly understated copper circle fretboard markers. Nickel tuning machines by Waverley.

The neck has a short scale, a narrow 1-5/8 inch nut and a slim neck profile to suit the customer's hand size. In fact, this instrument plays like an electric.

This customer got the guitar of his dreams - a stunning appearance and dimensions that fit him perfectly. If you want a guitar impeccably built to your specifications, David Webber is the place to come!

Short Scale OM in Flame Maple

This OM features dramatic flame maple back and sides paired with a luscious dark cedar top. We love the maple/cedar wood combination because maple is typically bright, while cedar is typically warm. Combining the two creates a sound that meets nicely in the middle.

David built this particular instrument with a short-scale neck but retaining the OM style's traditional 1-3/4 inch nut width. It is equipped with nice Gotoh 510 tuners.

This is an excellent fingerstyle instrument, very warm and balanced across all the strings.

OM in Indian Rosewood

David built this standard-scale OM in our go-to wood combination, Indian rosewood and Engelmann spruce. This combination always has a beautiful articulated sound with plenty of sustained tone.

Gotoh 510 tuning machines. OM-style 1-3/4 inch nut.

This instrument has a nice extra touch - David added a rosewood plate on the back of the headstock decorated with a neck volute.

Roundbody Cutaway Sunburst

David Webber's most popular body shape is his Roundbody, and this instrument is yet another fantastic example. The best word to describe the sound of David's Roundbodies is PROJECTION. No matter what wood combination he uses with this body shape, the sound just seems to jump right out of the guitar with minimal effort.

The back and sides of this Roundbody are cocobolo with a center wedge of koa down the back. The binding is also koa, which coordinates nicely with the back stripe. The top is Engelmann spruce with a nice sunburst finish. The neck heel and the side waists are nicely shaded at natural wear points, continuing the sunburst color scheme and giving the impression of a well-loved vintage guitar. The elegant appearance is completed by black Gotoh 510 tuning machines that are a pleasure to use.

The cocobolo/Engelmann combination in this Roundbody has excellent balance from low to high. This instrument is a good choice for any playing style.

OO Custom in Flame Mahogany

Our newest custom-ordered Webber, this gorgeous OO in highly figured flamed mahogany, sold within days of its arrival - and you can easily see why! Even the headstock is faced with figured mahogany.

We asked David to use a cedar top this time to encourage a warm sound in the small OO body size, and to use walnut for the rosette and binding for an understated elegant appearance. The neck is short scale with a 1-3/4 inch nut. This OO is a very comfortable guitar, very playable on either leg.

The pairing of the mahogany body with the cedar top produces a warm, mellow tone when played softly or with nuance. But strummed or picked harder, the tone opens up and more brightness emerges.

This is another outstanding OO from David Webber. As with all of David's guitars, you can't beat the value for the dollar!

OO Custom in Quilted Mahogany

This guitar had been on order with David for months. And when it came in, it sold within days.

The back and sides are mahogany with a beautiful quilted grain pattern. The top is Sitka spruce with "bearclaw" markings. The trim is walnut, which provides an understated contrast to the mahogany back and sides.

Players appreciate David's OO guitars for their distinctive voice - clearly the voice of a smaller-bodied guitar, but with a depth to its sound that brings to mind larger-bodied instruments.

Chocolate Cedar and Maple Roundbody

This David Webber Roundbody features flamed maple back and sides and a chocolate-colored cedar top. The maple back is especially pretty, with a wavy grain pattern that glistens as you turn it back and forth in the light. The koa binding contrasts nicely with the maple, and Gotoh 510 black-chrome tuners add a touch of elegance.

David's roundbodies are always easy to play and have excellent sound projection. We are particularly pleased with the cedar/maple wood pairing - it delivers the clarity of maple but with the mellow warmth of cedar.

Another fine guitar from David Webber!

OM Soft Cutaway in Engelmann and Rosewood

David's OM-size guitars are known for their balanced tone from low to high. This rosewood/Engelmann combination is no exception. It has plenty of volume and all six strings can be heard clearly with consistent volume and presence.

The light-colored maple binding really stands out against the dark rosewood back and sides.

The OM size is comfortable to play and the soft cutaway allows easy access to the upper register. Strummed or finger-picked, this guitar will handle it all and deliver a distinctive sound - an excellent choice for the solo performer or studio musician.

Cocobolo Dreadnaught

In a first for The Minor Chord, we commissioned a trio of custom Webber instruments in similar woods - hand-selected cocobolo backs/sides and Engelmann spruce tops. The binding and rosette on each is koa. The ebony fingerboards are marked with David Webber's trademark discreet open-circle inlays.

David's cocobolo guitars are some of the best-sounding acoustics we carry. They have huge sound volume, a very clear bass register, and strong mid-range and treble. Customers tell us that these instruments have a nicely balanced sound.

This Dreadnaught is an exceptional guitar from an exceptional builder. Right out of the box, it has a big sound that will only get better with age. It will handle energetic flatpicking but can be subtle and subdued as well. Its sound can go from a bassy warm tone to biting trebel depending on how it is played.

This instrument may well be the best value for the dollar in our store!

Cocobolo OM    SOLD

Here is the OM. This instrument has astonishing sound for its size, and we think the book matched cocobolo panels on the back are the most striking of the three cocobolo instruments.

Cocobolo Roundbody    SOLD

And here is the same cocobolo/Engelmann wood combination in a Roundbody, the signature David Webber body style. David's Roundbody instruments are our most popular models because of their easy playability. The sound seems to jump right out of the guitar.

Like the Dreadnaught, this custom wood combination yields a big sound and impressive clarity. Where the Dreadnaught has a bit more bass, the Roundbody has more focus on the midrange and treble ranges.

If you are looking for an exceptional one-of-a-kind guitar from a respected builder, please don't wait. This instrument will not be in the store for very long!

Maple/Cedar Roundbody    SOLD

David Webber's signature Roundbody designs have been very popular here at The Minor Chord. They have excellent tonal projection and are effortless to play.

This latest Roundbody features flame maple back, sides and headstock faceplate. It has a cedar top, giving this instrument a warmer and deeper tone than Englemann spruce. But this is not just any cedar - it has a striking deep chocolate hue that must be seen to be appreciated. The faceplate of the headstock is flame maple as well.

Fiddleback Mahogany OM    SOLD

Our new Orchestra model guitar is constructed from some very special wood. The back and sides are fiddleback mahogany with a grain pattern reminiscent of an heirloom violin. The top is Englemenn spruce.

The guitar is bound in cocobolo on the body and the sides of the neck, which produces a subtle and rich contrast to the fiddleback mahogany. The rosette is cocobolo as well.

This guitar demonstrated awesome warmth from the very first time we played it but still maintains a nice balance between bass and treble tones. If mahogany is your sound... this guitar has it in spades!

David Webber OO Sunburst     SOLD

We had this beautiful OO-size instrument on order with David for several months and were excited when it finally arrived. The smaller body, short scale neck (25 inches) and 1-3/4 inch nut make it perfect for the smaller player. This instrument has the standard 14 frets from nut to body. Mahogany back and sides, an Engelmann spruce top, and cocobolo binding with contrasting inlaid purfling.

The top has a truly striking dark sunburst. The mahogany sides and back are in a warm natural finish, subtly shaded to emphasize the sunburst theme and accentuate the curves between the upper and lower bouts. The tuners are solid black with ebony buttons.

David Webber Custom Koa    SOLD

This instrument was custom-built to our specifications. Solid koa top, back and sides with dramatic figuring. Cocobolo rosette, cocobolo binding, and a matching koa headplate. 1-3/4 inch nut.

Koa typically gives a bright sound, but this particular instrument has an incredibly warm, rich tone. The guitar is particularly effective with complex harmonies, altered chords, and harmonics that give the instrument a chance to resonate.

Custom Cocobolo/Koa Roundbody     SOLD

David Webber's signature Roundbody designs have been very popular here at The Minor Chord.

This David Webber Roundbody was custom-built to our specifications. Its back and sides are cocobolo with koa binding and a one-inch stripe of koa inserted into the center of the back. The top is Engelmann spruce. The headstock is cocobolo as well with an inlay of koa. The fingerboard is ebony, again with koa binding. David's cocobolo instruments produce a lot of volume with rich, complex tone and this instrument is no exception.

Spalted Flame Maple Soft Cutaway Roundbody     SOLD

This Roundbody Soft Cutaway is constructed of some very unusual woods. The back and sides are of spalted flame maple for a striking figure. The top is Englemann spruce reaction wood. (Reaction wood is taken from a portion of the tree that is under weight-bearing stress. The tree responds by building extra-strong wood that makes a superior guitar soundboard.)

The unique appearance of this instrument speaks for itself.

David Webber Roundbody Soft Cutaway     SOLD

The Roundbody Cutaway is an original Webber design built to the same specifications as the standard Roundbody but with the soft cutaway for easier access to the higher register. The cutaway version has the same crisp response as the standard Roundbody making a very playable guitar with a sound that seems to jump out of the instrument.

This particular instrument has Indian rosewood back and sides and an Englemann spruce top with a subtle flame-like figure. The maple binding adds a crisp contrasting touch. The fingerboard and bridge are ebony. Ebony-finish tuning machines complete the elegant look.

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