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Nylon String Guitars

Is a nylon-string guitar right for you? And if it is, which type will be best for your playing style?

If you are a classical player, you'll probably want a traditional classical instrument. Most classicals are built to a standard size, but if you are a younger or petite player, classical guitars are also available in smaller body sizes. Or maybe you'd like to try a "modern" classical instrument with a slightly rounded fingerboard and a truss rod that lets you adjust the action height.

But if you are a steel-string or electric player and are looking for a nylon-string sound, you might prefer a "hybrid" instrument that will feel more familiar.

Nylon String Guitar

The Minor Chord is an authorized dealer for Almansa, Yamaha, La Patrie, and Taylor nylon-string guitars. For more information about these brands, you can visit their web sites:

Current Selection

As of September 18, 2018 we have the following nylon string guitars in stock. We can also, of course, custom order any other nylon-string guitar from these same brands.


424 Ziricote

Ziricote is an attractive, highly figured tonewood even more dense than rosewood. This guitar, made in Spain, uses ziricote for the back and sides and solid cedar for the top with an elegant double rosewood binding. The 52mm nut (just over two inches) and saddle are bone. The guitar has a rosewood fingerboard and is built to a 650mm ( 25-19/32 inch) scale length.

The ziricote body gives this guitar a lively, resonant tone with a wide dynamic range.

401 OP 'Señorita'

A full-size classical guitar can be ungainly for a younger or petite adult player - but on the other hand it can be hard to find a quality solid-top classical in smaller sizes.

The 401 OP 'Senorita' is just such an instrument. Made in Spain, it has a solid cedar top with mahogany back and sides and is built to a 636mm (about 25 inch) scale, about 1/2 inch shorter than a traditional classical. At 50mm (just over 1-15/16), the nut is just a bit narrower than a full-size classical making the neck easier to navigate for a smaller hand. The body is slightly smaller than a traditional classical as well, adding to the comfort but but without sounding "small".

The open-pore finish and simple appointments make this an affordable option for the classical student looking for a smaller solid-top instrument.

401 OP Half-size

This is a half-size guitar similar in construction to the Señorita model above.

This half-size model is well suited for the young but still serious classical student. It is built to a 544mm scale (just over 21-3/8 inches) with a 48mm nut width (just over 1-7/8 inches).



The C40 is a durable full-size classical guitar. It has a meranti back and sides, a laminated spruce top, and a 2-inch nut.

This is our most affordable full-size nylon string guitar.


The Yamaha CG122MCH is our most affordable solid-top classical-style guitar. The solid American red cedar top delivers a warm classical tone.


The Yamaha CG172SF is a Flamenco-style nylon string instrument with a solid European spruce top and cypress back and sides.

Designed for the energetic Flamenco playing style, it has upper and lower scratch guards and is capable of producing a strong, percussive tone.

Fractional-size Classical Guitars

We offer Yamaha nylon-string classical guitars in a series of fractional sizes for the young player.

The CS-40 is imilar to the C40 above but 7/8 scale with a 1-7/8 inch nut. This size is perfect for someone like the teen player who is looking for a classical guitar a bit under full-size.

The CGS103A is a 3/4 scale classical guitar with construction similar to the C40. Its 1-7/8 inch nut width makes it easier for a smaller player to reach around the neck.

The CGS102A is a 1/2 scale classical with construction similar to the C40. It also has a 1-7/8 inch nut. A best seller, this and the Yamaha FG Jr steel-string guitars are ideal choices for children.

GL1 Guitalele

A ukulele-size guitar, how cool! The Guitalele is tuned in the same intervals as a guitar but higher in pitch, from A-to-A instead of from E-to-E. Its higher pitch makes it sound much like a ukulele but the standard guitar string intervals mean your familiar chord fingerings work just fine. At under $100, this is a sure winner!

La Patrie

La Patrie Collection

Solid cedar top, nicely figured solid Indian rosewood back and sides.

This guitar has an impressive balanced tone with resonant bass and clear, distinct treble. We can't imagine a better value in a solid rosewood classical instrument

La Patrie Concert

The La Patrie Concert model is similar to the Collection, except that the sides and back are solid mahogany. This gives the Concert a tone that is a little 'woodier' than the Collection.


Academy 12e-N

Taylor's popular Academy line consists of well-built and compact-bodied instruments, making them an excellent choice for the guitar student.

The newest addition to the Academy line is the nylon string A12e-N. The Grand Concert body is ideal for fingerstyle so it makes sense that Taylor now makes a classical version. Super easy to play with great action, this is a 'hybrid' nylon-string rather than a traditional classical guitar. The ebony fretboard is ultra smooth and distinguishes Taylor from most of the other competitors. The ES-N pickup system adds extra sound possibilities plugged in and the built in tuner is convenient.

The specs:

  • Grand Concert body style
  • Solid Lutz Spruce top
  • Laminate Sapele back/sides
  • Ebony bridge and fretboard
  • 25.5" Scale
  • Ebony bridge and fingerboard
  • 1 7/8 inch nut width
  • ES-N pickup with built in tuner

Taylor gig bag included.


Taylor nylon-string guitars are cross-over instruments: Their sound is reminiscent of a classical guitar but they have the playability of a Taylor steel-string.

This 214ce-N has a Grand Auditorium body with a Venetian-style cutaway. The guitar has a solid gloss-finish Sitka spruce top and laminated rosewood back and sides. The bridge and fingerboard are ebony. The nut is 1-7/8 inches, which is distinctly narrower than a typical classical-style instrument. The ES-T electronics are specially tuned for an excellent nylon-string sound.

This guitar has a nice clear, balanced tone. It's easy to play (especially compared to a typical classical instrument) thanks to the cutaway body style and Taylor's legendary neck design. This is a solid choice for the working musician who usually plays steel-string guitars but is looking for the nylon-string sound.

712ce-N with custom cedar top

We order this Taylor nylon-string model with a custom natural cedar top instead of the standard spruce because we think it gives the instrument a more genuine classical nylon sound.

The compact Grand Concert size body is comfortable for players of any size. Solid cedar top, solid Indian rosewood back and sides, ebony fingeroard and bridge. Taylor ES-N electronics.

Taylor nylon-string instruments deliver classical tone with a neck designed to be more familiar to the steel-string player. Slightly narrower at 1-7/8 inches than the usual two-inch classical neck, the fingerboard is also slightly radiused to deliver the famous Taylor playability.

The 712ce-N is the perfect guitar for the steel-string player who wants to explore the classical nylon-string sound.

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