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Used Martin HD-28

A used Martin HD-28 for only $2199.00? Thats right! Here's a pre-owned mint condition HD-28 for nearly $800 off the orignal sticker price! more >>>

GK MB200 bass head

200 Watts of Bass In Your Hand

The Gallien-Krueger MB200 bass head delivers 200 watts of respected G-K tone, but it fits in the palm of your hand! Stop lugging that monster amp to your gigs. Easy on the budget at $299. more >>>

Andrea and Carl

Carl and Andrea
The Minor Chord Owners

We Help You Make Music!

Come to us for quality, value and service. Our prices are competitive with chain music stores and internet dealers, but you get so much more!

We have over 100 models of guitars and basses, including instruments you may not find anywhere else in New England - plus ukuleles, mandolins, banjos, digital pianos, band instruments, amps and more.

We specialize in fine instruments and amps from respected makers including

Customers come from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and even Maine to play our extensive collection. And when you need advice or service, we're here for you.

Hollowbody Sale

Vintage Gibson ES-355

A very solid guitar priced in "player's" condition,
this one isn't priced like a mint collectors
guitar because it's meant to be played! $2,499
with a hardshell case, this guitar isn't expected
to be here long! More >>>

Mini drums on sale

Fender Jazz Flea Bass

Whether you're a Red Hot Chili Peppers fan or just looking for a Fender Jazz bass to play slap on, this
has the groovy tone you've been looking for! More >>>

Guitar Humidifier

It's Humidifier Season

We're in the New England heating season... Protect your guitar and keep it at a healthy humidity with an Oasis humidifier!

This humidifier prevents the wood from cracking and warping due to dryness. Just slip it between the strings and refill it about once a week with inexpensive distilled water. Your guitar will thank you! more >>>

Spring time-restocking

It's almost spring time which means we are restocking our shelves with all sorts
of products from all sorts of brands! If you're curious what we're getting you can
contact us here !

Selection of American G&L guitars Selection of American G&L guitars
Selection of American G&L guitars Selection of American G&L guitars
Selection of American G&L guitars Selection of American G&L guitars
The Minor Chord, Musical InstrumentsDealers, Littleton, MA

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