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They're Here - At Last!

We've been waiting months for some of our most popular instruments to arrive - and they're finally here! If you've been waiting, come in or call right away to reserve your instrument.

  • Yamaha PAC-112J electric guitars, all 5 colors now in stock, a great first electric, quality Yamaha construction
    $259.00 including padded gig bag   More >>>
  • G&L Tribute electric guitars and basses, 6 just arrived (two ASATs, one Legacy HB, two Fallouts, and a Kiloton bass), solid step-up instruments from the company Leo Fender founded
    $479.00-$629.00 including padded gig bags   More >>>
  • Yamaha P-125B digital pianos, our best-selling 88-key digital piano with weighted action, an affordable home practice piano
    $749.00 including L-125B stand   More >>>

G&L Tribute Fallout in gloss black

Impressive Mid-Price Electrics

If you play electric, you should know about G&L - the guitar company Leo Fender founded after he famously sold his original business to the suits at CBS back in the 1960s. Leo is gone, but G&L still makes world-class guitars using his designs.

They call their mid-price line "Tribute". Made in Indonesia, these guitars are built with US-made pickups and hardware and are carefully set up in G&L's California workshop - an impressive nod to quality in this competitive price range.

Here's an example: This Tribute Fallout has a comfortable, solid mahogany body; a P90 pickup in the neck position; a meaty humbucker at the bridge position; and a 3-way selector switch. The humbucker has a push-pull coil tap switch so you can opt for a cleaner tone if you want. All of this for only $479 including a nice padded gig bag!

But wait, there's more... Check out the specs on all our in-stock G&L Tribute guitars and basses here >>>

Furch Indigo Plus D-CY

Solid Gloss Cedar Top - Only $949

We've been talking about Furch guitars for a couple of years now. Made in the Czech Republic in a historic family workshop, these acoustics represent careful workmanship and deliver remarkable value.

We received another shipment of Furch guitars, including some at a really attractive lower price point. Customers love them, and some have sold already.

This Indigo Plus-level Dreadnaught features a solid Western red cedar top with a gloss top and layered mahogany back and sides. The combination of the cedar top and the Dreadnaught size delivers tons of low end.

Like all the Furch instruments, this is a lot of guitar for only $949 including a sturdy padded Furch gig bag. More >>>

Andrea and Carl

Carl and Andrea
The Minor Chord Owners

We Help You Make Music!

Come to us for quality, value and service. Our prices are competitive with chain music stores and internet dealers, but you get so much more!

We have over 100 models of guitars and basses, including instruments you may not find anywhere else in New England - plus ukuleles, mandolins, banjos, digital pianos, band instruments, amps and more.

We specialize in fine instruments and amps from respected makers including

Customers come from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and even Maine to play our extensive collection. And when you need advice or service, we're here for you.

Shopping in the time of COVID - Some suggestions

Please be aware that COVID-19 has been disrupting the music instrument supply chain for months. Some popular items are in short supply and we have waiting lists.

Here are a few suggestions for making your shopping easier and safer for everyone:

G&L S-500

Stunning 1960's Gibson Hollowbody Bass

Thunder your classic Jack Bruce or Glenn Cornick bass riffs, or your R&B funk on this super-sweet Gibson EB-2D! The cherry finish on a Gibson semi-hollowbody is immediately recognizable. This is the two-pickup version with the huge neck humbucker and bridge mini-humbucker. Looks to be all original. Come try it! More >>>

Martin OO-15M Lefty

A Mahogany Small-body Martin - Lefty!

We ordered a batch of C. F. Martin guitars way back last spring, just in time for their Pennsylvania factory to be shut down by COVID-19. The factory has reopened, but of course they're way behind with their production. So far, only a few of the guitars from our order have arrived, including this left-handed all-solid-mahogany OO-15M.

Standard guitars are in short supply this season, but lefty models are even more so. We were fortunate to get this guitar since even the national chains seem to be out of stock. This is one of Martin's best values at $1,299 with a hardshell case. If you play lefty and are looking for a moderately-priced small-body Martin with tons of tone, call or come in soon!

Here's the entire list of our in-stock and on-order Martins. If you're interested in any of the on-order instruments, contact us to get on our waiting list.

Oasis guitar humidifier

It's That Time of the Year Again

That's right, we are into the New England winter season! When your central heat is cranking, the dry heat can make an unsafe environment for your acoustic guitar - especially one with solid wood components.

The Oasis Guitar Humidifier is a simple yet effective way to keep your guitar protected against shrinking, warping and cracking. Just check it once a week and refill it with inexpensive distilled water. Better safe than sorry! More >>>

Epiphone Dot Deluxe VS

Have a Guitar You Never Play?

We're always interested in your top-condition used guitars and basses. Consign or sell outright for extra cash, or trade towards the guitar of your dreams. Call to speak with Zach or use our Ask Us! page to find out what that instrument in the closet might be worth.

Find out more here >>>

An online lesson in progress

Yes, We Teach Online Lessons

In fact, we teach lots of them! Our teachers are delivering nearly 100 online private lessons each week. Parents thank us for continuing their children's music education despite the pandemic. And adult students are using their free time to work on musical skills.

Want to give online lessons a try? Give us a call or send us a message via our Ask Us! page. Our teachers offer free no-obligation trial lessons, and we'd be happy to walk you through testing your device.

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